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Installation from source on Linux

These instructions are valid for the latest stable releases only.

You will need the following programs:

You will also need a C++ compiler, Python (version 3) and GNU make, sed and sort.

Quick installation instructions

In the following Foma and libvoikko will be installed to /usr/local and voikko-fi (the Finnish dictionary) to /usr/local/voikkodict. You may however choose the installation prefixes as you wish.

  1. Install Foma by following the installation instructions in its README file.
  2. If you want support for languages other than Finnish install hfst-ospell by following the installation instructions in its README file.
  3. Install libvoikko. Unpack, go to the source directory and run ./configure --prefix=/usr/local --with-dictionary-path=/usr/local/voikkodict; make and then make install as root. If you did not install hfst-ospell you must add --disable-hfst to your ./configure command.
  4. Install voikko-fi: Unpack the sources, run PATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATH make vvfst in the source directory and then as root make vvfst-install DESTDIR=/usr/local/voikkodict. You can now check your installation by running the command /usr/local/bin/voikkospell -d fi and typing in Finnish words, one per line. The program will prefix correct words with "C:" and incorrect words with "W:".
  5. Edit the file /etc/ld.so.conf by adding a line containing the directory of libvoikko.so (in this example /usr/local/lib). Then run ldconfig as root. This step is required mainly for the LibreOffice UNO package to work, and it is not necessary if you install libvoikko using a deb/rpm package.